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Sea Kayaking
We guide unparalleled kayaking outings with options ranging from scenic sheltered waters to more rugged outer coastlines. There is plenty for those new to kayaking, and even more for experienced and veteran paddlers!
Enjoy and share our passion for good food! “Fresh and Delicious” is one of our food goals, and we pull inspiration from all corners of the globe to appeal to diverse palettes & dietary needs. You don't have to lift a finger - sit back and savour it.
5-star Camping!
Fill your day, then relax, sleep & eat well - we spend a lot of time preparing the camp each season and taking care of the details that ensure your wilderness adventure revels in one-of-a-kind comforts.
Aboriginal Community
We know the area intimately - it's our backyard and home to the welcoming Ka:'yu:'k't'h' / Che:k:tles7et'h' (Kyuquot - Checleset) First Nations' people. We introduce you to the local Native culture and are committed to respecting and collaborating to support community aspirations, cultural protocols, and stewardship.
Sea Otters
We are in the heart of ideal sea otter habitat. Our interpretive programs and daily activities introduce you to their complex and important story. It's captivating to view a sea otter (or over 100 of them!) eat, sleep, and groom...or listen to them from your tent at night.
Intertidal Life
Our programs feature up-close-and-personal time with a myriad of marine invertebrates - the spineless wonders of the world. Guests of all ages love getting to know the octopus' garden.
Your diverse west coast adventure with us includes many possible wildlife sightings while out and about. Each day offers new creatures.
Shoreline & Forest
Your senses will be pleasantly satiated while hiking the rugged shoreline, meandering through old-growth rainforest trails, or smiliing gratefully during a sunset.
Sea Wolves
Sea wolves in the Mission Group of Islands, Kyuquot, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
by Robert Yone
images shared from 2016 by Robert Yone, Freedom in Nature